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What is YOGA? Someone considers it a philosophy explaining the Universal Laws. Someone considers it an applied science for everyday life. For sure, Yoga is both of them, and something more that approaches our soul initiating its manifestation. Gradually, we notice that we are full of creative energies, that we are eager to create harmony everywhere: inside us, at work, at home, in the street, in society ... During classes, we use various ancient techniques to develop awareness. What does it ...
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Yoga retreat in South India 19.01.19 – 03.02.19
We direct our steps for the SUN! Varkala is located near the very southern point of India - Kanyakumari (8 ° to the equator). Kerala is a state in southern India on the shores of the Arabian Sea. There is a legend that after the Gods created the Earth, they decided to create something for themselves and created Kerala. Kera means "coconut palm". Varkala is a quiet, cozy place, ideal for practicing yoga, communicating with nature and peaceful relaxation. Known in Malayalam as Papin Nashini ...
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